Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Sewing

A cold Spring weekend, husband is away, so what's a Nan to do?  Sew!  We've had rain, and snow, and whipping wind out there.  No sense complaining, but I do not like it, and I have no plans to go anywhere, but down to the sewing room.  I've been working on the River Rock blocks for month two, they are a lot of pieces, and a lot of sewing.  They are honing my piecing skills, which can only be a good thing.
Month two block A 
But I'm happy to report that I have block A finished and up on the design wall.  Also on the design wall are block B and the spacer block for month 2, but they haven't been sewn together yet, but are all cut out.  The Green is always Green has another side sewn on, that's my leader and ender project.  I'm hoping to get the top and bottom on this weekend, and maybe get my friend Rosa to quilt it for me very soon in the month of April.
The Green is alway Green
I was also able to do a test stitch out for my Son in Laws embroidery.  I will have to get some additional colors of thread for a better stitch out, so I won't post a picture of that until another test with better colors.  It's getting late, and tomorrow is another sewing day.

Happy piecing, happy sewing,

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Jane said...

I am always amazed, and intimidated, (and inspired!) by your talent, your skills.

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