Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sewing before the Wedding

Summer vacation is over, and my man is back to a busy work schedule.  Wedding plans are being finalized, all final alterations have been made to the Brides dress.  Whice were sewing bra-cups into a backless dress, and sash beading complete, thank you to Designs by Nicole. what a talented lady.

The bachellorette party is this weekend, we will be doing a wine tour and stepping out on the town of Annapolis night life after the wine tour.

Before I went on vacation I wanted to finish a beach pouch, the frist was an epic fail!  Here it is, I finished it!

Beach Pouch
I'm finally down in my sewing room during the day after morning grass and garden watering, and dog walking. A high school friend saw the Olaf quilt I made for my Grandson, and asked if I would make her two for her Grandchildren.  She has a Granddaughter and Grandson, so I suggested an Olaf quil for the boy, and a Sister's quilt for the girl.  The Olaf is all cut out, just need to sew him together.  Then both will be quilted on my trusted embroidery machine.

Vacation was a blast, and I have lots of wonderful memories, but for now I'm glad to be back home and getting some sewing in before the wedding.

Happy piecing, happy sewing,

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Jane said...

Beautiful. I miss sewing. I am going to teach a friend the basics of quilting over Labor Day weekend. And of course, I only know the basics. :)

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