Thursday, October 16, 2014

Why did the Geese cross the road?

Today was a perfect day to sew, but...A friend called me this morning asking me if I could come over and "help her get her geese back into her yard"!  Sometime during the night they had wandered across the street, probably spooked by something unknown.  We will never know why they left the yard.

25 Geese
This picture isn't the best, I was holding a baby, and trying to record the herding of the geese!  They are all safe and sound in their own yard.  So nice of the Policemen who came and blocked the road so the geese could get safely back across the street.

After that excitement I did get a couple small finishes done today.  
South of the Border quilt top finished

A couple more 8 1/2 in. strip blocks, finished 
It's not much, but a small finish is better than no finish.

Happy piecing, happy sewing,

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S. Williams said...

I love your south of the border quilt.

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