Sunday, March 2, 2014


Well, well my first finish of 2014!  I have finished small quilts for my "My Lazy Daisy" trunk show, but this is my first larger quilt finishing in the year 2014.  Mary Kay Kerr did the quilting on this 68inch X 60inch quilt. This quilt is heading down to Ft. Hood Texas, and a soon to be returning solider.
Finished Solider Quilt 68 X 60

I ran out of the navy blue polka dot fabric for the binding, so thought that the red polka dot would work, and I must say I love the red polka dot binding! The left corner has the red polka dot, the rest is the navy blue polka dot.

Close up of quilting

Another close up of quilting
Mary Kay did a great job quilting this.  Now I'm off to work on my quilt show quilts.  Two and a half weeks until the show.  I've got one small and one large quilt going in the show.  The small quilt is almost finished.   The large quilt is still at the quilter, it's do able no worries.  She said it should be ready tomorrow, but the DC Metro area is waiting for another snow/ice storm, so more than likely won't get it until Tuesday.    Never mind, got a text from my "quilter" at 5pm this evening, and she has my finished quilt in her car, doing some running around then stopping by here to drop it off before the snow storm tomorrow!  Yippe! More binding and a little sleeve sewing for me.

Old Tobacco Road (Bonnie Hunter Mystery 2008)
This is not so wide, almost 80inches, but it is long 101inches.  Think this might be my new retreat quilt. You can find the free pattern here under Mystery quilts on the left sidebar.  

I am totally ready for warmer spring weather, enough snow already, but if it's going to snow, at least I have something to work on.  

Happy piecing,

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